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May 21st Energy Update

The first 2024 2-Day Workshop in Louisiana was beyond incredible!  The amount of energy, miracles, and information released was beyond belief.  The revelations about the planet and the relationship between us and the Earth was really eye opening.  Information was released about energetic fractures in the Earth and how they are directly connected to us as human beings.  There was also information released about a Atlantean pyramid located in Louisiana, and how it is connected to the Atlantean pyramids in the Caribbean.  The Planet’s energetic fractures are healing, and the planet is mirroring us so that means that we too are healing our energetic fractures.  In the past week there has been many visions and information released about the next steps in this energetic healing process.  There is more work that will be done in the Northeast next month, in WI in Aug, and culminating in Florida in October.  The 2 Day and the 4-Day Retreat in Maine are going to be amazing and healing all at the same time with the current outpouring of scalar energy we are witnessing.  This last weekend there were eight new Quantum Divinely Downloaded Reagents.  All the Divinely Downloaded Reagents are scalar, but these last ones are a whole other level of high resonance!  The Quantum Divinely Downloaded Reagents are more powerful, and they make huge leaps in energy.  It reminds me of the scriptures of seed time and harvest.  You don’t just plant a seed and get one seed back; you plant a seed and get many seeds back from that one seed.  The following are the Quantum Divinely Downloaded Reagents the Angels gave this last weekend:



The Gift

Ethereal 8

Ethereal 9

Ethereal 10

Ethereal 11

Ethereal 12

In the upcoming workshops and talks I will be bringing the latest information and in group settings the Angels always give us new information.  In each of the workshops and the retreat coming up, there will be excursions offered in addition to the regular workshops or the retreat.  In Fl, we will be offering an additional Energy Excursion to Bimini Island to connect with the Atlantean Energy.  For this excursion there will be an additional fee for the boat, and tour fees.  For this excursion out of Florida you will be required to have a valid passport as we will be entering into the Bahamas.  This excursion will be an exciting opportunity to connect with the Bimini Road and the Atlantean pyramid energy.


In the classes, workshops, and the retreat, the energy that has been being released is growing and the amount of Quantum Divinely Downloaded Reagents is increasing.  Always in a group environment the energy builds until there is a huge release.  The amount of energy and the release of information is only growing!  If you can, make plans to attend one of the upcoming events and experience these high energies in person.  Go to  to learn more about the upcoming workshops and the retreat.  All workshops and the retreat are limited so if you are interested act now.  If the workshop is sold out, we will have a wait list should someone not be able to attend.  The times we are living in are beyond anything we could have imagined. 

Blessings to you all.

Dr. Peal

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