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July 12th Energy Update

Updated: 3 days ago

Hello Everyone,


We have just returned home after the huge East Coast teaching and speaking trip that included work in Canada as far as Nova Scotian coastline.  As always, the Dowers Conference is always a pleasure to see old friends as well as make new ones.  The 4-day Healing Retreat in Stratton, Maine was great and 7 new divinely downloaded reagents were given by the Angels as well as a new technique that I know will make a huge difference for people in their healing processes.  The upcoming 2-day classes in WI, and FL are going to interesting to see what the Angels will do as the energy continues to go higher.  I am going to be on the Ted Mahr's European show this Monday, July 15th, so tune in if you can through Facebook if you can.. The following are all the Divinely Downloaded Quantum Concept Reagents that came in during the 4-Day Spiritual Healing Retreat in Maine:


Heart Of Hearts

Today’s The Day

Gateway To God

Quantum Integration

Concept Of Heaven

Relationship With Creator



The energy continues to build and making changes in this planet and in us at the same time.  I can’t wait to see what is going to happen in these upcoming 2-day workshops. We have added an Energy Excursion to the end of the 2-Day WI workshop on Aug 17-18th. Following the workshop there will be an Energy Excursion to Mirror Lake State Park on Monday, August 19th.

Mirror Lake State Park, WI

Echo Rock, WI

Check out all the details at WI Workshop. The in-person events always bring in new gifts given based on the needs of the group that is present.  What gifts received is always based on the participant’s willingness to receive.  It’s always a wonderful mystery what is going to happen and is always an exciting life changing experience. Miracles are not uncommon for sure.


The difference between a Divinely Downloaded Reagent, a Divinely Downloaded Quantum Reagent, and a Divinely Downloaded Quantum Concept Reagent.  The difference between the Divinely Downloaded Quantum Reagent and a Divinely Downloaded Reagent is quite simple and exciting at the same time.  Both are Divinely Downloaded by the Angelics, but the Quantum Divinely Download Reagent is one that is one that crosses time and dimensional barriers. The latest type of Divinely Downloaded Reagent is the Divinely Downloaded Quantum Concept Reagent.  This type of reagent is about a concept rather than a single thing.  They too cross all dimensional and time barriers.   This new type of reagent is very exciting given that the problems most people have are not originating in this timeline or dimension.


Over the years, I have been given downloads for new balancing techniques.  After the Maine 4 -Day Spiritual Retreat, a new technique was given that will be included in the upcoming 2-day workshops.  This new technique is tied to the energetic changes that are happening on the Earth Right Now!  Given the change in the type of Divinely Downloaded Reagents, to the Quantum Divinely Downloaded Reagents, and now the Divinely Downloaded Quantum Concept Reagents,     it definitely says to me that we are entering into a higher level of growth opportunities. It is really going to be exciting to watch as these event unfold! 

Now that I am back in the office I have reopened the option to do subscriptions. If you are interested in becoming part of these programs, and having these new reagents become part of your daily life , check them out at


As the energy continues to build it is important to remember to ground yourself every day at least a few minutes to sync up with the Earth.  By syncing up with the Earth, it will help you to integrate and stabilize you the new energies.  The Divinely Downloaded Reagent Earth Sync is also very helpful as it reconnects you the core of the planet.

In addition, it is important to increase your intake of pure water as water is a wonderful resonator which will help with the integration of these new energies. Remember to take deep breaths in through the nose and out the mouth to relax your body as it is working hard to maintain your schedule and integrate at the same time.  You will need to make extra time to allow your body to rest.  More rest is required to assist your body through the integration process.  Make no mistake, this energy integration and upgrade on this planet is a process, and is in full swing. Make no mistake it is a process, not an event. 


As always, I will be bringing to all my events, the latest information and in group settings the Angels always give us new information.  In Fl, we will be offering an additional Energy Excursion to Bimini Island for the re-connection of the Atlantean Pyramid Energy.  For this excursion there will be an additional fee for the boat, and tour fees.  For this excursion out of Miami, Florida you will be required to have a valid passport as we will be entering into the Bahamas.  In addition, you will need to bring all snorkels, and masks for your trip. This excursion will be an exciting once in a life time opportunity for the re-connection of the Atlantean pyramid energy to all the Earth Ley Lines at the Bimini Road. This excursion is limited to only 9 from the Florida 2-Day Workshop. If you are interested in going on the Energy Excursion, please book the FL 2-Day Workshop and Energy Excursion Option early as it will be sold out quickly. Final details should be completed this week or first of week July 15th The workshop won't go live until all the costs and contracts have been signed . If you wish to reserve your spot early, drop an email to with your name and phone number and we will contact you for a deposit to hold your spot. This excursion is going to be on a first come basis. There are only 9 available spots on the yacht. This excursion will sell out quickly if the early interest is any indication.


I look for amazing things to occur in these next two workshops.  Always in a group environment the energy builds until there is a huge release.  The amount of energy and the release of information is only growing!  If you can, make plans to attend one of the final two upcoming events for the year, and experience these high energies in person.  Go to  to learn more about the upcoming workshops.  All workshops are limited so if you are interested act now.  If the workshop is sold out, we will have a wait list should someone not be able to attend.  I look forward to meeting you all there.


Blessings to you all,

Dr. Peal

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