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Dr. Michelle Peal ND

Dr. Michelle Peal is a Naturopathic doctor with thirty plus years of experience in holistic health, frequency, resonance, and energy balancing techniques.  Additionally, she holds a BS degree in Computer Science. Dr. Peal continues to conduct in-depth research into energetic balancing techniques drawing on her decades long experiences.  She has completed countless case studies in frequency,  resonance, and energy stabilizing techniques in people, livestock, and a wide variety of agricultural projects.

All that experience is being applied to radionics with great success.  By taking advantage of natural principles that apply to everything on the planet, Dr. Peal assists her clients to balance their energy and achieve their wellness goals.

Dr. Peal is constantly gathering data to better understand, and solve the real-world problems she encounters.  With the steady rise in resonance on this planet, it has become more evident that the use of Radionic broadcasts is crucial for her clients continued success. Dr. Peal manages numerous ongoing projects that cross a broad range of subjects, species, and problems.  She has projects that include, but are not limited to: structures, businesses, dryers, grasslands, hay, invasive species, rice, crawfish, cattle, pigs, horses, goats, chickens, water and ground contamination, aquifer/well projects.


All Reagents produced by Dr. Peal were created to meet a need encountered in her projects or her Naturopathic practice.  In this ever-evolving energetic world we live in, Dr. Peal is committed to staying on the cutting edge of Radionic broadcasts, and to the production of problem-solving reagents.

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