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Energy Update May 16, 2024:

The energies are really high right now, as we have had loads of Protonic energy coming onto our planet via the solar flares. Solar Cycle 25 is not slowing down but increasing in the magnitude and frequency of the solar flares. This increase in Protonic energy is stimulating our body's into a quicken cycle. Because of this quickening, I have found that more water, lite foods, and more rest is required to assist our body through these increases of energy.. At this time people are having issues with stomach, gut, low back, and sleep. I have been using the latest Divinely Downloaded Reagents to assist in the integration process using the Quad & Quintuple Quartz Signing Bowls with great sucess. Its worth repeating that more water and rest is required at this time for the integreation of these new energies. Our whole body's are changing and we must allow the time and necessary assists to help our body's through this process. I am looking at a Zoom Tunes later this month to bring the latest Divinely Downloaded Reagents and words out. I am preparing to speak and teach up on the East Coast in June and the first week in July. In addition, I am teaching a 2-Day Workshop this weekend in Louisiana; so my time is limited right now. With that being said, I still want to help as many as I can through this exciting quickening process.


Dr. Peal

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