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Energy Update 5/12/2024

Updated: May 26

There has been new information given about all forms of “Dis-Ease.”  “Dis-Ease” has to do with Non-Beneficial Quantum Entanglements and Non-Beneficial Quantum Blood Entanglements.  The Angels gave a new reagent called "Quantum Shield" that works beautifully, but it is not a stand-alone reagent.  It is used in conjunction with the attached prayer so that when we use the Quantum Shield we don’t lock any Non-Beneficial Quantum Entanglements behind the Quantum Shield with us.  As we are the culmination of all of our choices, it is imperative that we make this choice in order to have the Non-Beneficial Quantum Entanglements removed from us.  These Non-Beneficial Quantum Entanglements and Non-Beneficial Quantum Blood Entanglements are what have been holding us back, and causing the “Dis-Ease" in our bodies.  I have checked people for decades when they come in with a difficulty to see if the difficulty is theirs, and at least 80% of the time or more it’s not theirs.  Until now we haven't had the complete solution for this problem.  The right side of our body is all about how we go forward, and until we are made Right we couldn’t go forward hence the reason why I have been seeing all the imbalance on the right side of people.  Now we are being given a chance to move forward.  This is really an exciting development in the realm of dealing with "Dis-Ease" and “Imbalances!"  As there is Life and Death in the Tongue, the following prayer needs to be spoken aloud.  Prayers are just words until we mean them.  When we mean the words we speak, then words become action in the Spiritual Realm!



I choose to have the Holy Spirit sever from me all non beneficial Quantum Entanglements and all non beneficial Quantum Bloods Entanglements permanently, and I ask the Holy Spirit to take their place in the Name of Jesus.


Quantum Shield: is for protection from the backlash of the severed Non Beneficial Quantum Entanglements including the Non Beneficial Blood Entanglements. 

 As additional information becomes available, I will let everyone know.


Dr. Peal

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