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The Right Series

The Right Series includes six powerful Divinely Downloaded Reagents:  Right Blood, Right Heart, Right Soul, Right DNA, Right Flow Right Connection.  This set comes in a custom labeled case ready for use and travel.


Right Blood is part of the Divinely Downloaded series that is designed to balance out blood issues.


Right Heart is for balancing heart and artery functions.


Right Soul is for balancing the Soul to the heart of hearts.


Right DNA is a Divinely Downloaded Reagent.  Right DNA is designed to correct corrupted DNA, and works with all the Right and Perfect Series.  It is included in the Professional Set.


Right Flow is for balancing all the flows in and into the body.  This includes physical, emotional, and spiritual flows.


Right Connection is about your connection with the Earth and the Divine as a symbotic relationship.


These are all included in the Professional Series.

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