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Perfect Awakening Coin 2 oz Coin

Perfect Awakening Coin 2 oz Coin

The Perfect Awakening Coin is a very special coin in the Perfect Series, and comes potentized with 9 Divinely Downloaded Reagents.  ALL 8 of the Amazing Perfect Reagents: Perfect Protons, Perfect Laminins, My Perfect Fractal, My Perfect Metabolism, Perfect Light, Perfect Stem Cells, Perfect Bio Photons, and Perfect Communication! On top of all these wonderful Perfect Reagents it also come potentized with Water Come Forth!  Silver is such a powerful scalar resonator and this coin has it in spades coming in at 2 oz. plus the Cuniform text and theme of the coin itself. This coin is a power house of energy. Wow! Wow! Wow!


In addition, this special coin is a Mintage limited to 20,000 pieces worldwide!  It consists of Two Troy ounces of .9999 fine silver.  The front side shows Lady Liberty and the Ami-Gi symbol.  On the reverse side is the all-seeing eye atop a pyramid.   This coin is ideal for anyone interested in carrying the Perfect Series with them.   In addition, it is a $900 savings over buying the individual Reagents separately.


Ama-gi is Sumerian and is believed to be the first written expression of the concept of Liberty, dating back to the 21st century BC.  A common interpretation of Ama-Gi is “a release from debt, slavery, taxation or punishment”.  The Latin phrase Annuit Coeptis is shown across the pyramid, which translates to He Has Favored Our Undertakings.  

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