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Crystal Shield

Crystal Shield


Crystal Shield is a Divinely Downloaded reagent that protects the user from energy pulsed interferences.  This Master Coin comes preprogrammed with Crystal Shield ready for use.

  • Master Coins

    Master Coins: Perfect Spiral Antennas

    The Master Coins are Perfect Tesla Spiral Antenna energy pump in a pocket size.  Each one of the Master Coins are Programmed for personal use and broadcast. 

    Applications include:

    • Passive scalar broadcasters: Simply place a witness on top of the Master Coin, and you have a steady radionic broadcaster for a fraction of the price of a live-signal instrument.
    • Carry a Master Coin on your person
    • Place your Food or Drink over a Master to broadcast.

    Master Coin is same size as a silver dollar (1.5", 3.8cm), with pure gold-on-copper coil.

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