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4 Day Healing Retreat - Stratton, Maine

4 Day Healing Retreat - Stratton, Maine

There isn’t another class like this one! Come and experience what it is like to have your Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, and Etheric bodies all tuned up and in synch with each other. Have all your energy blocks removed from your body for better overall health and vitality.


Fee includes:  Purification Diet, (1) Hands on Session w/Dr. Peal, Class Sessions, Grounding Sessions, Angelic Messages, Meditations, Divinely Downloaded Radionic Reagent Tunings delivered with a Crystal Singing bowl, and field trips to high energy locations and finally a trip to Jerusalem Falls with an optional baptism at this amazing energy location on the last day of this amazing healing retreat.


Come and feed your Physical, Emotional, Spiritual & Etheric Bodies like never before!

  • is limited to (16) (Accommodations and transportation not included.)


Purification Diet

The 4-Day Purification Protocol has the following effects:

  • The first day the colon is cleansed.
  • The second day you release toxins, salt, and excessive calcium deposits in the muscles, tissues, and organs.
  • The third day the digestive tract is supplied with healthful, mineral rich bulk.
  • On the fourth day the blood, lymph, and inner organs are mineralized to receive new higher energies like never before.



Meet Your Facilitator: Dr. Michelle Peal is a Naturopathic doctor with over 30 years of experience in holistic health, radionics, Dowsing and has been given Divine Body Balancing Techniques that she uses with her clients. Additionally, she also holds a BS degree in Computer Science that has helped her to understand the base electro-magnetic systems programming of the body. With all the increases in scalar energy that are taking place on our planet, it is more important than ever to stay abreast of all the current changes available for our bodies.  Dr. Peal has received numerous Divinely Downloaded Radionic Reagents, Revelations, and Physical Techniques not known anywhere else in the world. Everything She does is to help speed the healing processes, and energetic evolution we are encountering right now.


If you have never been in one of Dr. Peal's workshops or heard her speak, its a divine experience.  She has heard the Angels since the age of 4 and is constantly in communication with thiem to help people to go forward in their healing and learning process. This 4-Day Retreat is going to be life changing! Can’t wait to see you there. 


Meet The Owner & Chef Of The White Wolf Inn:


Sandi Isgro

Location Info: White Wolf Inn, Stratton, Maine

Reservation Inquiries:



I’m Sandi Isgro, your host and chef for this amazing healing journey that you are embarking on with Dr. Michele Peal. I have been cooking, gardening, and working with earth energies since I was a child growing up on our farm. All of the food that I cook is based on what I can grow and can locally source. You will be treated to fresh organic fruits and vegetables including waters from local springs.


The White Wolf Inn is located in the Western Mountains of Maine, in a river valley that is protected by three mountain chains. The earth energy here is Rest, Renew, Heal, and Reenergize which the Inn has been providing to its guests for over 100 yrs. Take a stroll and sit beneath 1000 year old trees, resting on the banks of our lakes and streams while looking at the mountain peaks - embracing you.


We all are eagerly awaiting to support your personal body, mind, and soul healing with Dr. Peal.

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