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No Reports 3 Month of Tunings

No Reports 3 Month of Tunings

Not interested in Reports just receiving the tunings, this is your package. In this 3-Month Tunings No Reports Tuning Package, you will receive the benefits of all the Divinely Downloaded Reagents, plus any new Divinely Downloaded Reagents as they become available. Take advantage of the 3 decades of experience Dr. Peal has as a Naturopathic Doctor in these Tunings Packages. This package is $900.00 which includes and 3 months of tunings with the latest Divinely Downloaded Reagents.  This package equates to $10.00 per day to receive the latest reagents available.


When you sign up: you will need to send Four pictures full body front and back along with a left and right side photo (With Clothes On) against a plain white wall to to begin the evaulation and setup process. Have on clothes that are fitted showing the waist and body profiles so that Dr. Peal can do your evaluation. All Broadcasts begin at the 1st day of the month and upon receipt of the four valid pictures.


The Divinely Downloaded Reagents tune your energetic fields to bring in higher resonant energy. None of the packages constitute medical treatments. Consult your health professional for any health problems/concerns.


    Price Options
    One-time purchase
    3 Month No Reports
    $900.00every 3 months until canceled
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