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The Jerusalem Falls Series

The Jerusalem Falls Series

The Jerusalem Falls Series is an amazing set of 24 Divinely Downloaded Reagents. All 24 of these reagents were given by the Angels to Dr. Peal in an amazing power packed two-hour period following the Maine Event class in September of 2023. Each of these 24 reagents were named by the Angels when they were given. They are truly “Gifts from God” to aid us at this time. These Divinely Downloaded Reagents all deal with helping people in their ascension process, to increase their divine connection, and spiritual growth. Their names give clues as to their use, but I’m sure they are much more than we can even imagine as are all the Divinely Downloaded Reagents are.  


Included in the Jerusalem Falls Series are: Expansion, Elevation, The Awakening, The Rejoicing, Joy Unspeakable, "Holy, Holy, Holy," The Reunion, Jerusalem Falls, Completion, Come On Up, Divine Lineage, Crystalline Matrices, Divine Directions, I Am The Way, Here Comes The Son, Celestial Fanfare, All The Colours, Answered Prayers, Healing The Broken, Divine Wisdom, Heart Of The Divine, Soul Resonance, My Eyes Have Seen The Glory, and Righteousness.


This wonderful series will come in a fully labeled case protected for travel and ease of use, ready to go to work on your projects. The Jerusalem Falls Series ships to the USA for free, and reduced international shipping.  Come to the KRT Spring Classic in Atlanta, Ga in March and experience this series, and all the other wonderful reagents Turific Solutions has to offer you. Check it out The Spring KRT Classic today at Https://

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