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Total Body Reset - Pt 1 & Pt 2 Professional

Total Body Reset - Pt 1 & Pt 2 Professional

In this Total Body Reset Professional Series Parts 1 & 2, are a group of 30 Divinely Downloaded Reagents that include Total Body Reset 


Part 1: A.I. Antidote, Good Nanites, Sacred Road, Perfect Protons, My Perfect Fractal, My Perfect Metabolism, Perfect Laminins, Perfect Light, Right Blood, Right Heart, Right Soul, Sacred Fire, Sacred Flame, Sacred Elements, Missing Pieces, Sacred Light, Sacred Communications, Tissue Reset, Sacred Memory, Brain Reset, Bone Recalibration, Sacred Spirit, Heart & Lung Button, Celestial Connection. 


Part 2:  The God Program, Living Water, Second Sight, The Word, Cosmic Clearing, Armor of God. 


This series comes with the labeled case and free shipping.

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